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Nogata English School offers an excellent educational program. The guiding philosophy of our program is that "The student is the most important person".We keep the balance between "learning language is to use it"and"using language to learn it". We ensure that students receive a variety of material based and conversation based lessons. We care for the needs of individual student. We allow students to choose a program which suits their individual needs.
It's really amazing from day one to the next how much student can progress if that student wants to learn.Each session is focused on things that interest the student, things that the student can relate to,experiences and things in common to the group bring the progress of the discussion. If the student's attitude is positive,motivated, willing to work, we are absolutely confident,that progress comes more quickly.
As English is a real and living language, we use authentic(a source of up-to-date information)and current material(text books,newspaper,magazines etc). The design of our General English curriculum develops all the language skills necessary to communicate and function socially in an English speaking community. It is a"small and fun filled lessons program". At each session, students discuss questions,deal with problems, and identify important or new aspects of the language. I give homework and some written work to state their ideas,opinions,writing letters from time to time and so on.
Our aim is to have all my students speak for the majority of the time.Expressing the student's opinion is important.A student needs to listen and understand as much as they need to speak. Activities are focused on problem solving, effective communication skills, giving and receiving instructions and social interactions.


●Adult Lesson を受講される方に

All students are different and there will be variation between individual students. We welcome all students, adult students (Business & Private ), and the adults who are interested in English for travelling overseas and working holiday students. We are friendly school and we encourage a positive sense of community, also to have faith, strenuous effort, life-long learning, and concentration on studying. Students learn best when they are at ease, happy and learning with fun. We are flexible and sensitive to the needs of individual student.


●Kid's Lesson を受けられるお子さまとその保護者の方に

It has been my great pleasure to teach all my kids over the past courses.I have been encouraged by the progress many kids have made.Though they feel reluctant,they are becoming confident to use English they have learned.That shows this is the most important step for further success in English.With continued practice my kids can progress even further.
Our focus is to grow and expand kid global horizon by learning Englilsh, as it has been a world wide language.Speaking is the main communication tool. Learning English since young age, kids gain knowledge and experience from the native speaker.To achieve their goals of improving English is to learn and practice more in ways of: pronunciation, drills with gesture, through games, poems, rhymes, rythms and songs.Seasonal hands-on activity or celebration will take place,too. Not only that kids will participate in speech contest, Christmas party and etc...
Eagerness and willingness in learning English will reward the kid's success. Most rewarding of all for me according to the past, is to see the kids learning English joyfully with laughter and smilimg faces. In the future,"kids our stars" will make many friends from other countries. English is the open gate to communicate with a great number of people in the world and in different focuses.
So,don't let your kids miss this golden opportunity.
This is the best way to learn English from a Native speaker.

英語を学ぶ上での熱意とやる気はこども達に成功をもたらします。私自身への一番大きな報酬は、子ども達が笑顔や笑い声に溢れながら英語を楽しみ学ぶ姿をみることです。この先、Kids our stars<未来の星である子ども達>は様々な国から多くの友達を得ることでしょう。英語は子ども達と、数えきれないほどの多くの世界中の異文化の人々とをつなぐ入口となります。

●Study Abroad & Working Holiday のレッスンを受講される方に

The goal of the NES is to provide experience and awareness of international and intercultural understanding.
Our philosophy is to provide each individual with the opportunity to achieve his or her goals.
Each student brings unique experiences, abilities and objectives to the class.
We assume that you will be motivated to learn about things that personally interest you.
This program is designed to maximise the potential of each individual.
Your dreams, interests and goals are very important.
Each student’s special interests give the freedom to flourish.
NES is an English Language School that focuses on you.
Your English learning needs at your space, in your time, and learning that suits you.